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Secure Data Destruction

We understand that data destruction is critical to any organisation, all our collections include a secure data destruction service as standard. All storage media must pass our data erasure process which meets UK Government standards.

The 1998 Data Protection Act make it a legal requirement to ensure appropriate measures are taken to prevent unauthorised access, alteration, accidental loss or destruction of personal data. Failure to adhere to the act may result in prosecution with unlimited fines.

To ensure all data is permanently removed without physically destroying the harddrive the drive must be overwritten multiple times using a recognised erasing algorithm. All collected drives are overwritten a minimum of 3 times and must pass a verification process.

A data erasure certificate is provided for every drive that is successfully erased and provided in the asset report upon completion. In the event that the drive fails our erasure process it is immediately destroyed to ensure no data can be retrieved. All company asset markings and asset references are also removed prior to resale.